Steal like an Artist Journal

Steal like an artist has been really influential on me and work recently. I've been devouring anything by Kleon that I can get my hands on, and I particularly enjoyed this talk about journals.

Without really realizing it I have been carrying a journal for the past 10 years and this talk really made me think critically about the process of it all. I've really shifted recently from working almost exclusively digitally, to migrating a lot of my processes over to paper and trying to find a good balance of analog and digital. I've realized that list and getting my ideas out just works better with pen and paper. I've also started keep a digital and paper calendar, Digital helps me in the long term see what I have, while paper is for my more immediate concerns and thoughts. Using a notebook for my calendar has also helped me write more in my notebook.

I've also levelled up in terms of supplies. I've been pulling a lot of inspiration from bullet journaling so I got myself a fancy new leuchtturm1917  and have upgraded my nice-ish gel rollers to a sweet new LAMY Safari.

I'm now obsessed with fountain pens and sites like Goulet Pens (US) and Wonder Pens (Canada) and Jet Pens and am spending way too much money on nice ink and nice clear demonstrators pens.