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01. Create and fill a secret Pinterest board

Welcome to the wonderful world of Pinterest, you'll love it here

Create your account and log on

Create new board and make it a secret one

Follow me @rachehamilton and invite me to your secret board. 

And now the fun part, dive right into and start pinning

Don't go too crazy, but I need a minimum of 5 logos, 5 colour pallets, 5 patterns and 5 website deigns from you to get started.


If you can't find anything check out my boards, or start typignin some keywords that have to do with your business. . When you've filled up your board, go through your pins and leave comments on your favorites and tell me what you like about them and why. This gives me a good place to start

04. The Questionnaire

Name *

Full Name *

First Name

Last Name

Email Address *

Address *

Address 1

Address 2



Zip/Postal Code


Phone number *

Business name *

URL of your Pinterest profile? *



If you already have a website, what is the URL?

Tell me about your business!

Which of your products/services are most popular?


Who is your ideal client/customer?

Who are your competitors? Please provide URL's.



Please select where you are going to use your brand identity. *


 Print stationery


 Shop signage

 TV ads

 Mobile apps

Is there any specific text you'd like on your social media branding? (ie. Facebook header etc)



will you have a shop

will you have a blog?

will you have a newsletter



05. Upload your website content to Asana

Before the start of your project, I need you to upload your website content (images & text) to Basecamp. 

Content you'll need to upload:

  • Text for all of your pages (including headers)
  • names, titles, position for business cards
  • copy for ALL collateral


Please upload all images to asans and name them where you want them to go. (

the bigger the images the bettter

If you don't have very high quality photos, I recommend buying stock photos from Stocksy. 


06. How to use Asana

screen cast a tour


07. Tips for providing helpful feedback

reinsert the feedback paragraph