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01. Choose a Squarespace Template

All Squarespace templates allow you to add a shop, portfolio and blog but some have very different layouts to others.

To browse all templates, visit this page.

Don’t worry- your website won’t look exactly like the template. The template will just be the foundation for the layout of your site.

Only certain templates have blog sidebars. If you definitely want one, it will narrow your options but if you’re okay with that then so am I.

Blog sidebars are great for advertising products, listing categories, showing popular posts etc.

Templates with a blog sidebar:

Have a good look through the Squarespace templates and keep these things in mind...

  • Do you like the layout?
  • Do you like where the navigation menu is?
  • Does it have a blog sidebar? Do you want one?
  • Does it have a unique shop style and do you like it?
  • Does it have a unique blog style and do you like it?

You'll be able to tell me which template you chose in the questionnaire further down this page. For now, move on to section two of this page: registering a domain!

02. Register your domain

A domain is the URL of your website (eg. If you have already purchased a domain from somewhere like Godaddy or Dreamhost then you can skip this step. 

You can buy a domain directly through Squarespace but I don't recommend it. It's best to buy it from a third party, just in case you decide to move from Squarespace in the future. I can repoint your domain from your third party host to Squarespace. 

I recommend buying your domain through Dreamhost. Their domains start from $11.95 USD per year.

(Do not buy your domain through Godaddy- they always have tech issues.)

  • To register your domain with Dreamhost, head this way and check if your domain is available. 
  • Click the 'buy' button next to the domain you want. 
  • Create a Dreamhost account. 
  • Purchase your domain.